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Our Expertise

We are experts on delivering high quality applications in record time using OutSystems. This is our sole focus!
In addition, we have learned over the years that less is more when applying Agile methods powered by low-code platform.

Our Team Approach

Keep it Small
Agile delivery demands that your development team is small and agile. Our typical team consists of 3 to 4 developers. More resources than this and well, things start to go wrong.
Keep it Focused
Working in short 2 week sprints assures our team is focused on delivering the next iteration of your solution. We always end with a demo of working software allowing your business to provide feedback and assure we deliver a lean, fit to purpose solution.
Deliver on Time
We apply a time box approach to every project. The goal is to be agile, adjust to business feedback while holding the time box sacred. This means we may not deliver what we planned at the beginning, but the outcome will be exactly what the business asked for.
Expand when Needed
We know that all projects are not equals. For those complex, larger delivery cycles we have the Solution Architects and QA Engineers you need to deliver complex solutions that span multiple deliveries.

OutSystems Says They are Amazing!

While every one of our delivery team members is specialized in OutSystems we have one of the largest groups of OutSystems MVPs and Champions you can find. These guys make sure every project meets our quality standards and exceeds our customer’s expectations.
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The Advantage of Being Global

At Do iT Lean we know that engaging with our customers is paramount for success. Of course, being in the same room is an option but not always feasible. Thus, over the years we have expanded and today have delivery centers around the world to support our customer’s global projects.

Today we have seven delivery centers from the Azores Islands to Malaysia and in between we have three delivery centers up and down the Portuguese coast and two in India. Regardless of your time zone, we have proven with over 500 successful projects that we can work with you to deliver great business outcomes.

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