OutSystems: Portuguese Unicorn is also helping other Portuguese tech companies to "fly"

by Do iT Lean on Oct 09, 2018


"The success of the OutSystems platform is boosting the internationalization of other Portuguese companies that carry in the baggage the skills and the experience of several years. The ecosystem is growing and there are many success stories to tell."

One of them is Do iT Lean!

“Do iT Lean started with the first projects in the United States in 2013 but Frederico Ferreira, the founder of the company, says that 2016 was the ‘explosion’ year with the conquest of 15 new clients in the region. The company was created in 2009 exclusively focused on OutSystems technology and over the years has attracted customers in countries such as Poland, the UK, Spain and Brazil. Currently, the United States already represent 30% of the revenues and Do iT Lean has been recognized with several awards for its projects.”


Read the full article at SAPO.tek [PT]: https://tek.sapo.pt/noticias/negocios/artigos/outsystems-o-unicornio-portugues-tambem-esta-a-ajudar-outras-tecnologicas-portuguesas-a-voar



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