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How our Digital Experience Team is improving Healthcare Application Usability

by Patricia Teixeira on Nov 10, 2022

Companies are diving into the digital revolution faster than ever before to respond to increasingly demanding shareholders and customers. Well, if companies do not respond quickly to these requests with differentiating solutions, they will enter the path of irrelevance. This is important because irrelevance results in a shrinking customer base and fewer investors.

When a company embraces digital transformation and grows in new areas it quickly gains new customers and finds cross-selling opportunities to the existing ones. As digital transformation sweeps through your organization, you will need to change the way you think and consequently you will need new technology partners who think differently to solve your problems and needs. You will need partners who inspire companies and their stakeholders to create high-quality digital adventures.

Do iT Lean established its Digital Experience team to respond to the power of digitization and help clients in achieving sustainable development goals. To deliver amazing pixel-perfect UX/UI faster, we created our own user-centered framework based on Design Thinking. Do iT Lean's daily work is guided by holistic, empathic, and strategic thinking. We focus on three key areas and their balance to create memorable digital experiences that combine emotion, functionality and usability: User Experience, User Interface, and Developer Experience.


The usability of digital products increases in value as technology becomes more present and necessary in our lives. Usability flaws in applications are still quite common, particularly in the healthcare sector, and these failures drive healthcare professionals and patients to prefer manual processes. However, there are numerous benefits to digitization when we build applications with users and stakeholders, integrating them into the project team from design to go-live. Our agile process includes the creation of multidisciplinary teams with our clients.

“We wanted to do something big and bold in the way we support young people with their mental health concerns—especially in light of the extra challenges from COVID."
Nadia L. Ward, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise at Clark University

At Clark University's Mosakowski Institute, we applied all these processes to create the behavioral health app with the OutSystems platform. MI Peace app provides guidance and self-help for common behavioral health concerns and connects users with support from mental health professionals. Following a two-week ideation workshop that identified 24 high-level requirements, MI Peace was delivered in eight months of agile development. 

Do iT Lean helped Clark University's Mosakowski Institute to think out of the box and deliver their ‘MI Peace’ app to connect and engage with young people and help them at difficult times. Assessing user needs collaboratively, conducting tests with real users, observing their behavior in the field, and using analytical data to study your users' real-life behaviors allows you to make data-informed design decisions and continuously improve application usability.

Good usability helps in digital transformation and offers significant benefits such as increased productivity, security, reliability, user satisfaction and reduces user error. The opposite of that builds barriers between users and technology, generating demotivation, slowness and even the risk of losing customers and shareholders. That's why it's essential that you work on usability and find the right partner to create engaging Digital Experiences.

Learn about us and how we create amazing digital experiences faster. In 2023, we will bring new digital experiences to you via our Podcast. Keep an eye out for our updates!

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